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Mar 13, 2019 22:15:17

I didn't go to the Library and get a Bunch of Books About this

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I didn't go to the library and get a bunch of books about this. Some guy who was sitting on a stool, holding a cane, whacked me upside the head -- gently so as not to hurt me, I mean isn't it amazing how much control one can have in their nerves when they are able-bodied and paying attention? cause I mean this man had the build of a former heavyweight boxer but could still gently tap me on the head with a cane without giving me a concussion. So that's why I don't get it when people make claims like 'I don't want to lift weights cause I don't want to get too buff'. That mother fucker had no intentions of giving me a concussion and thus he didn't when he tapped me on the head.

I had just been five years old, running towards the back for a bag of Cheetos from one of those assorted boxes of mini snack bags. There had been Doritos, Fritos, and I think Cheetos. Come to think of it I think two type of Doritos: regular and nacho cheez. The lady who bought the box of assorted mini snack bags was teaching my mom how great Sam's Club was. It was the smart way to buy things. The true American way. My mom nodded and listened. I mean she shoulda been, she was listening to a woman who had started her own business back when being an entrepreneur wasn't cool yet. 


I came back groaning when a black man hit me over the head with his cane and asked me, "what's wrong?"

"There was no Cheetos."

"Son, you will be complaining about bigger things in life just you wait."

I didn't go to the library and get a bunch of books about this.

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