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Mar 29, 2019 22:04:01

I don't know what to write

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I don't know what to write though I am standing in front of my computer chatting with my friends happily.  I decide to let my thoughts flow freely and write down what comes into my mind.

Today I had a toothache so I couldn't enjoy my meal as usual, and I was kind of ill-tempered. It's sunshine outside, in my office, heated temperature forced you can't live without drinking water. SPRING IS COMING. The city where I live now is famous for its varied weather conditions. If today is sunshine, tomorrow would rain cats and dogs. And winter and summer are the most parts of the seasons. Spring and autumn too short to enjoy the cool and humid weather. Also, it's well-known for secure geography environment preventing citizens from earthquakes or floods. In ancient history, the city is the capital of many empires and birthplaces for thousands of celebrities.

Though have been living here for over ten years, the city doesn't interest me so much as what I learned from the textbook of its glorious history. It's wired between modern society culture and ancient history memory, and the same for the differences between the habitats and tourisms. Writing down these words, I realize that it's something in common between the city and me. We all confused about how to combine the past and future.

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