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Mar 23, 2019 18:35:32

I fell with love

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Magic is when our soul feels something amazing when we connect with art. Reading books, listening to music, watching films and pictures, creating all of it...

Yesterday I fell with love with... the composition. Oh, this melody, it's so clean, gloomily, but this is still alive and winding with hope for the future and something else.

This melody makes me see perfect images for my new artworks.

I love all what help me to touch world of art.

It's amazing when a human can touch art. It brings new ideas for creating something new and interesting thoughts.

Visiting a center of contemporary art changed my life, my attitude to art. My first visiting was in summer last year when I traveled. 

I want to travel. I really love it. That's one of amazing things that you can imagine. You got to know new cultures, people, you try to live like foreign people for you...

I never was in foreign countries. How will it be when I will travel?


To be honest, I didn't know what to write about. It's a bit hard to pick a topic and keep my consistency every day... I don't have inspiration, but that's okay. Why? Because every out business has routine. And inspiration is a child of our routine.

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