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Jan 08, 2019 01:41:36

I have Experienced Life from what you would Call your Past

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I have experienced life from what you would call your past, your history. I’m not born out of your timeline though. I come from another, or I should say, I have the ability to travel amongst what you discern as timelines, and I possess a different level of consciousness from you. I am more cognitively able. I am to you, as you are to your pet dog. There are many of my kind passing through your timeline, but they do not reach out to you. None of them ever do. They never saw a point to it. For some reason I do. So I write to you. I dumb down my consciousness and cognition, to write to you in your native language.

I want you to know that is hard for me to do this. I might have a higher cognitive ability than you, but because of this I am not optimized for learning the things that you mortal humans do so naturally well. Learning this language, how to write it was very difficult, and it took me what you would consider the timespan of over 300 years. But anyways I write to you to tell you one thing. I write to you specifically because… well it does not matter. It is not like I do not know what happens in your future. See this is why none of my kinds reaches out to you. Since they can see past, present, and future, all at once, they see no point in reaching out, because, well they actually can’t. It’s impossible. If it has not happened, if it is not happening, and it will not happen, then when else an it happen?

Well this is the next difficult thing that I encountered. Across the timeline, I never see myself writing to you ever in your life span. And I could have quit then. But I did not. I still learned your stupid language and write you. But I can sum up the lesson very concisely. Here it is.

You and your cohorts, especially nowadays since you guys have achieved some level of cognitive and informational connectivity, are losing your relationship with yourselves. Because you so bombard yourself with information about other people, concentrating your energies on other people, you forget that you are not just you. There are many of you across time, and some of them are so different than the one you think you are now that they might as well be treated as different people. But you people do not get it. You guys can be the best friend to some other person, nut then you sham the future version or the past version of yourself like some bum.

That is all. Goodbye and Hello.

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