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May 27, 2019 07:41:19

I have followers, therefore I am

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Janne Koponen

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Today our influence in this world is essentially defined by our presence in the internet. There are celebrities and influencers whos fame is solely based on their web presence and verified by the millions of followers they have.

If you don't have that presence you don't exist. You don't need all those millions of followers, just a few is enough to verify your existence. And if those few have any presence of their own, your influence is already multiplied. 

For some, the lack of such presence is a conscious choice. Not everyone wants to be there. But as such, they also don't exist to other people outside their physical reach. And if those people become in any way influential they will appear in the net. One way or another. Somebody will speak about them. It's really hard to completely deny your existence and disappear.

Unfortunately, there are also those who don't have any physical presence, they live entirely in the net. For some it might be a cause, putting the real world out of the way of the web. But for some it might be the only way to be heard.

Anyway, thanks for all my followers. You make my existence real.

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