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Jan 29, 2019 07:21:03

I just checked my junk email folder and yikes

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Brandon Wilson

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My financial planner sent me an email to sign in to the portal with all my information. I could not find the email, so I checked my junk mail folder. 


It's been at least a year since I looked in my junk email folder. I can't believe all the crap that is in there. I have no idea how my email got on some of these lists. Some of the junk is not even in English. One good thing, though, is that every email in there is junk. 

Google is good at many things and also appears to be good at filtering junk email. The emails don't make it to my inbox to waste my time or attention. 

We need to apply the concept of junk mail filtering to our lives. There is so much noise bombarding us everyday. Every time you pay attention and make a decision, it costs you brainpower and time. If you can stop the noise from interrupting your attention, you will become more focused and productive.

There are apps now that can detect spam/robocalls and block them or send them directly to voicemail. Even better, some of the apps will answer the calls on your behalf and waste the time of the caller.

You can fine-tune notifications from different apps on your phone, or even better turn notifications off. 

Is there an app or a news site that allows you to filter stories based on a keyword? For example, suppose I never want to see a story with the name "Kardashian" in it. It would be great to have this functionality.

I still need a solution for all the junk mail that shows up in my mailbox. I wish the mail carrier were cool and would let me bribe her to just not deliver junk mail.  

In the modern era of technology we have more access than ever to information. Unfortunately, they turned the faucet on full blast. You have to figure out how to make it "low flow" so you are only getting the information important and relevant to you.

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    @brandonwilson you opened the pandora box... good thing you are still here to tell us your story!

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Jan 29, 2019 22:49:21
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    @brandonwilson .. good idea about the news filter it would be very useful!

    Efran avatar Efran | Jan 29, 2019 16:04:40
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