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Jun 06, 2019 10:28:40

I killed a rabbit

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Mama, I just killed a rabbit, put a tire against his head. Rolled over him now, he is dead.

Actually, it wasn't as poetic as it sounds. Yesterday, we were on a mission drive (a drive with blue blinking lights and sirens) to a patient. Blood pressure 190 mmHg / 110 mmHg (normal, to Austrian Standards, would be 120 mmHg / 80 mmHg), female, 87 years was our report.

Basically, it means high blood pressure. Since it was a nursing home, a nurse called and said an emergency doctor wasn't needed. We had about 20 kilometers of an exhausting drive before us.

Even though it's a nursing home and a diploma nurse where at the place, it could have been something worse, gratefully it wasn't. The lady was sitting on a chair waiting for us.

A quick check of her vital signs, high blood pressure (as expected) and low oxygen saturation of the blood. The latter we corrected with 100% oxygen from our oxygen bottles. Load and go (maybe that should be an extra post).

Since I am driving mostly in rural areas, it isn't uncommon to see rabbits and deers. On normal roads in Austria, we are allowed to drive 100 kilometers per hour (130 on highways).

Of course, a small rabbit showed up. At first, I thought he might jump to the right and escape. Well, as you've read in the title, he didn't.

Our vehicles have about 3.2 tons of weight with our equipment and ourselves. We can't just break for small animals. Well, we could, but if my co-driver is working on the patient and potentially standing in the rear of the vehicle he or she would probably thrown through half of the vehicle.

Also, it doesn't help the patient if I turn corners constantly. Sure, we only drive as fast as the patient's conditions allow it, but sometimes even that is to fast for animals.

Everything below a big dog doesn't even make a loud sound when we are hitting it.

So this post goes out to all animals rolled over by an emergency vehicle. Sorry, it wasn't intended you were just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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