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Sep 01, 2019 22:21:23

I'll be older than Scarlett

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When I got the book Gone with the Wind from a flea market, I was 16, the same age of Scarlett at the beginning of her 12-year adventure. 

It's one of my favorite books only after Gorky's My Childhood, and they share one common: through the view of individual growth, draw a picture of an era.

Yesterday, my bf was watching the movie Gone with the Wind, at the long-shot of Scarlett walking across thousands of wounded laying soldiers to ask for help, he questioned, "How old is Scarlett at the end of the movie?" 

"Well, that's also the last question from Rhett at the end of the book. Listen:

'How old are you, my dear? You never would tell me.'
'Twenty-eight,' she answered dully, muffled in the handkerchief.
'That’s not a vast age. It’s a young age to have gained the whole world and lost your own soul, isn’t it? ...... '


I'm 25, a similar age as Scarlett. 

Since I was able to read, I've read about 200 of books before 20. Most of the main characters or the author of the books are older than 20, so I used to take for granted that I should be younger and weaker than them. 

Scarlett won't get older than 28, but her readers will. Now it's my first time to realize I'll be older than her, as well as other my favorite characters.

"Tomorrow is another day." and tomorrow is coming.

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