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Jan 31, 2019 07:12:10

I lost one of my AirPods

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Brandon Wilson

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I love my AirPods. I found out that the AirPods are the best reviewed Apple product in history. I can understand why. AirPods exemplify the concept that "they just work."

This is why I was extremely disappointed yesterday when I lost one AirPod. I have always been good about keeping them both in the case. Of course, the one time I take one and put it in my jacket pocket it goes missing. 

Yes, I was frustrated and mad at myself. I use AirPods everyday. So I can be bitter about it or think about it in a positive way. Instead of dwelling on the negative, I choose to stay positive.

  • I am fortunate enough to have AirPods in the first place.
  • I still have the Left AirPod that works by itself.
  • I mostly listen to Podcasts, and I can listen to those with one ear easily.
  • I can get a replacement AirPod for $69, which is cheaper than buying a new set.

The lesson is that stuff happens to everyone. What is important is how you react to it. Being bitter or mad at myself is not productive. I cannot change what happened, but I can learn from it. 

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    @brandonwilson Glad to know you have chose to be positive about it!

    Aravindh Balasundaram avatar Aravindh Balasundaram | Feb 01, 2019 07:55:02
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