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Jul 11, 2019 15:38:38

i love writing

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Some days I wish I could do nothing but write and create all day.

Other days I sit down with no ideas.

Somehow the ideas from the good days never seem interesting enough on the bad days.

It's kind of ridiculous when you think about it … I wrote over 1300 words this morning and it still feels like I ran out of time to write more and better.

What does that say about me 🤔

Figured I'd add some context about how much I enjoy writing.

Years ago I started using @buster's http://750words.com . Wonderful website, just the right features, magnificent habit to build.

Every morning sit down and write 750 words. The Artist's Way inspired him I think.

You wouldn't want to read those 750 words. They're trash. And that's the whole point.

As @patio11 says: To write well, write 1,000,000 words first. This parrots Ira Glass's volume of work advice 👉 https://zenpencils.com/comic/90-ira-glass-advice-for-beginners/

Now, on top of those 750 words, I also write blogs. They count as email newsletters these days as well. It's a 1-to-1 mapping and that works well for me.

I've been publishing blogs since … 2006. Over 1400 articles according to Wordpress.

Now I don't always write those 750 words. My longest official streak clocks in at 516 days. Sometimes I pause the streak, sometimes I copypasta stuff I wrote elsewhere.

When I fail this habit it's a leading indicator my life is too stressed and I need to chil.

My blogging fluctuates. Some periods I've published daily. Those are my favorite.

Other times it's closer to weekly, or even once a month. Those make me feel bad.

I'm not hard on myself for lacking ideas or afraid to hit publish. I'm mad at myself for not making time.

You see when I don't make time to write 2 things happen:

1) My mind clutters up with ideas and it's hard to focus. No zen.
2) Ideas, even the good ones, lose their interestingness

When you miss the window on a writing idea, it is lost forever.

You learned something and others can't benefit. You have a great insight and others can't see. You have feelings and they remain unshared.

"others" means future you as well by the way 😉

Lately I've been using @200wordsaday to compose a daily twitter thread. That's helped a lot. Less pressure than a blogpost, quicker than 750words.

As @Philip_Morgan once said: "I write every day because I think every day"

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