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Oct 02, 2019 22:52:39

I'm a big fan from little

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Today I found the resources of the cartoon TV series I watched as a child, they're Andersen's fairy tales. The beginning of each episode is a boy and a girl sitting on the carriage listening to their tutor's stories. 

When I was little, we all arrived at home before 5 PM, not only because  classes ended early, but also the official cartoon TV channel began playing before 5. There were multi sources of videos at that time,  both Chinese and foreign classic fairy tales (now most of theses disappear and not encouraged to play officially).

The foreign cartoons are all translated into Chinese in a great way that even I could understand English now, my choice is the dubbing version to recall my childhood memory.

Though kids nowadays are free to all online videos, they couldn't have the experience that the whole class share and discuss the same story from the same TV channel. It's obvious for children that the true-man actors are playing for adults, the painted cartoon characters are special for kids. That's the rule for time assignment of televison :-D.

However, when I grow up, I broke the rule myself because cartoon is till my perferred choice, haha.

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