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Mar 20, 2019 06:42:45

I m busy but don't like working on it.

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I'm really busy but it seems like I m trying to avoid this. I just wasted the whole yesterday with doing nothing while I having few deadlines coming soon and works have been stacking up.

I going to have 3 meetings tomorrow and 2 out of the 3 meetings I need to demo some works, one of the projects waiting for me to kickstart the planning so that the agency can start work with it and I have some cloud server lying down waiting for me to clean up.

I was like very down yesterday and can't really focus on my work and I really hate it when things get busy and I m in a situation like this. So the bad cycle repeat:

  • I have work.
  • I hate to start my engine, resolve it slowly.
  • Work stack up.
  • More work to be complete.
  • Stress and hate it more.
  • Repeat.

It's a bit too much to request to have a comfortable timeline for my works as a freelancer, but I don't really everything come together and I will start to feel like running away for it. I know I can't and it feel bad and become a bad cycle.

The good thing is I continue to ignore all my work in the night time ( I been doing this since I start to wake up early ) and focus to re-build Hookeepr, it progresses slowly but you feel peace when working on your own product.

Hopefully today I will be in the zone to clear out all the work for the tomorrow meetings.

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