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Apr 03, 2019 22:47:46

I nearly missed it again

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Rhys Williams

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Falling off the wagon! I need to get in the habit of this again.

Yesterday I fixed the ongoing Shopify issue on the side project website. Fixing it caused a domino effect of other issues. It really descended into chaos.

Soon, I need to reach out to the people who had trouble connecting their stores and get them to hook them up again. Pretty worried that only 1 or two of them will actually connect.

The content marketing angle (read: me & Tom posting articles about everything) is working well. We can see from search console that the long tail is slowly appearing.

We're stepping it up a little bit too -- making sure that all content we have on the app side is findable and indexable, assuming it doesn't affect the business. There'll be roughly a thousand summary and detail pages that will all hopefully act as long tail funnels back to the main page.

In a lot of ways, this is our first rodeo. SEO is the only way we have to attract visitors, so we're super keen to get an understanding of it and make it work.

The other side of that, in-line with my 40 year policy, is it's going to be around for the long haul. So it doesn't matter what we do on it this week, or next. As long as we're doing something.

The product will live long enough that it's going to google rank, people are going to use it, and people are going to come along and pay. I've got a project I ditched about 6 months ago that has momentum now that won't stop. I'm confident that this one will get there too (except this time, I have a co-founder. It's amazing the intertia you get from that actually!)

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