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Mar 08, 2019 07:35:55

I need to skip this one

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Janne Koponen

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I failed already. I didn't follow my routine and instead of starting to write right away I started doing through my messages. This hardly ever happens in these situations, its the strongest cue to start writing for me. So strong that sometimes I have found myself starting to write right after sitting down on the train even if I had already completed writing for the day.

Usually, on the other days, I don't have this benefit I can just force myself write latest at the time I feel the need to head to bed. Something always comes out. But not as easily or naturally. Not like this. It's not optimal, but somehow this feels worse.

I feel off track. Complete out of direction. Somehow it's harder to get over it now and get back to normal flow than it is when doing it ad hoc.

That is the danger of routines. If you break them, miss it just a little bit, it's hard to fix and get back on track. Maybe it's better to start over, or leave it for now and try again in the evening. But there is the other danger. I'm so used to these daily routines that it might not even cross my mind after this that I still need to write today.

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