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Nov 30, 2018 11:27:02

I suck at promotion

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Baha Sagadiev

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I was discussing with someone today on ways I can promote my side projects and just blurted out that I suck at promotion. To which the other person replied that he/she were hesitant to address "that" elephant in the room. This person confirmed my deepest suspicion and I was grateful for that. For a long time now I was always delaying marketing/promotional work falling into the trap of "build it and they will come" rationalization. In reality I just didn't want to do "that type of work".

I think a lot of engineers (at least some) may look down on marketers or sales people as not real professionals. Some people still call/insult Steve Jobs as "just a great marketer" (or Apple). Which I would be very proud of if someone called me that. The reality is that marketing and sales is a hard work. No less harder than software development. And as important for any serious project or company. 

Going into the future I will dedicate half as much time to marketing as development of my projects. I feel like that's a healthy ratio. This is also one of the reasons I decided to write more and more often. Thanks all and love.

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