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Feb 03, 2019 20:36:24

I want to make a phone

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I've got my first smartphone just a month ago. And I don't like it... 

It all started in summer 2018. Since that time I was asking myself, everyone I know and Google about how can I make my own phone? I got this question because my Nokia 210 that's been with me for over five years was dying. And when I look up smartphones, I just can't find what I need. I had very specific requirements in mind so I thought it would be cool to make my own phone, but this idea still sounds very complicated to me. My requirements were even not that crazy:

  1. Camera: at least 16MP, works in low-light (preferably bigger matrix), has manual settings like shutter speed, ISO and other basic stuff.
  2. Price: I'm broke and smartphones suck. I won't sell a liver for a phone.
  3. Form factor: small. iPhone SE size is ideal. Yes, I like to carry a phone in the pocket!

It's hard to find anything even with those requirements. Why are there no good small phones? Anyway, I had a bunch of other, I'd say, very optimistic requirements: 

  1. Battery: I charged my Nokia once in four-five days, and it would be terrible to live by the charger.
  2. Performance: no lags on basic tasks. My Nokia's UI was lagging heavily, but it didn't bother me — keys were working and I could navigate the phone blindly.
  3. Durability: smartphone manufacturers would be just laughing at this one. But how do you protect yourself on the dark street when the only thing you have in your pocket is a phone? 

It seems like no phones are good — I wasn't able to find a single thing that would have all these properties. Every year they all are intentionally becoming just “better” than the previous generations of phones. But they are not becoming good. Some features get degraded and unsupported to make way for the new features and make users buy different accessories and basically switch the phone every year or two.

Apple turned phones into cookies: you buy a phone and throw it away once it's “expired”. — The Language of Things, book by Deyan Sudjic

I had to compromise on the form factor and got a Xiaomi A2. It's not even close to ideal, because it's a big-ass phone! But the price is fine, it's an Android One phone and it has a pretty good camera.

To be continued...

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