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Dec 22, 2018 23:44:09

I was Reincarnated. But I did not need to die (Pt 1)

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I was reincarnated. But I did not need to die.
When I asked God why he had chosen to reincarnate me without that pivotal part of the process his answer leaped off the tip of his tongue. But beyond the reason, what interested me more was how mesmerized he was by my awareness of my reincarnation.

— See. I haven’t ever done this before. And so I didn’t know it’d turn out like so.
After a moment he added, sorry. 

— It’s okay.

How else was I supposed to reply to God? Also, that I was aware of my own reincarnation didn’t bother me. What did bother me was his genuine sympathy. He was supposed to be all knowing, so I assumed this meant that he knew already that this wouldn’t turn out well for me. I wanted to pry into him, but I held back. I figured it better to just remain in the dark on this one.

— Well anyways. Welcome to the party!

And so this is how I joined the ranks of God, at least on an awareness level. I was still made of flesh and was still mortal. He had told me this explicitly.

— By the way. You’re still mortal. So don’t think you’re not going to die this time around.

— Will I be able to remember all this if I die?

— No. Or you shouldn’t. I don’t know. But I think no.

He then added a moment later, this is my first time having done this.

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