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Apr 28, 2019 17:50:18

Ice Princess -- pt 18

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I had decided to leave. No spot was open by the time my almond milk latte arrived. I did a final scan of the cafe. The only open chair 'available' was across from a severely ungroomed guy with a very large laptop. I would much rather work at a table alone in Burkley caf then at that greasy table. How did I know the table was greasy though? Well the guy looks greasy.

Expressions cafe has two spaces. The interior main part, and then a garage-like patio in front of that main space that everyone passes through to get to the main space, kind of like an airlock. As I enter this patio on my way out, there is a table open. Someone must have just left it. I look around to make sure nobody else is eyeing it -- I don't want to be a jerk -- and then I sit down, lowering myself into the chair as slow as possible so not to make much noise. It's quieter out in the patio. They haven't placed any speakers here so the Pandora station that blares in the main space along with the laptop dwellers sound like a distant dream.

This is my first time sitting out here. I thought it would be cold, but the fireplace is powerful enough that I can take my coat off. I take my book out and try to read, but can't because it's so beautiful outside. So beautiful to the eye but not to the skin and nerves. I get to spend about 10 minutes staring out onto Baker Ave until somebody politely asks me if she can sit at the table. Then it's back to work. Now I no longer believe in fantasies of evening never coming. It will be here soon.

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