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Apr 29, 2019 13:12:39

Ice Princess -- pt 19

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I head to Burkley around 7:30 so I can eat before they stop serving dinner.  

Nobody approaches me here. At Wilburn Caf, I'm bound to have someone notice me, and come up to ask if they can sit with me, or worse, if I would like to join their big group of friends. I can't find myself rejecting these offers, so I find it easier to walk the 15 minutes in the cold to eat here in peace instead. I always have a good excuse too. The food at Burkley is just so much better and healthier than Wilburn's. But that's not my reason. Honestly, if I lived at Burkley instead and had people approaching me all the time here, then I wouldn't hesitate to walk elsewhere.

It's not that nobody notices me at Burkley. It's just that there's no one who knows me enough to approach me like they would at Wilburn. Of course when it's very crowded and there's nowhere else to sit, a stranger will come over to politely ask if they can sit across or by me. But then they won't talk to me. They'll spend the whole time either looking off to the corners or sides or into their phone texting somebody or a book, pretending to read. 

I know this, because I did this. Yet after having done it so much, I've lost the self consciousness that comes with sitting across a stranger and can now look at a book and actually read. I'm done with work for the day and in a waiting mood. So I look around to people watch instead while holding the book in my hand.

Burkley caf has a decent crowd. A good mixture of people who look to be in either of three categories: staying in doing work,staying in but hanging out, and about to go out and eating right before. I could guess pretty accurately by their appearances, especially the girls. With guys there was less you could examine. With girls you could see so much. Clothes. Hair. Makeup -- the type and intensity.

If someone were to examine me, I'd be an oddball. Dressed up and hair done like I"m about to go out. But carrying a backpack and sitting with nobody. Where was this girl going people would wonder. I check the clock on the wall. 8:05. It's about time that I head over to the auditorium. Time for Moriah's show.

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