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Apr 30, 2019 00:36:48

Ice Princess -- pt 20

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At the same stone steps where I stood alone last night stands a small crowd. Just as I approach, one of the facade doors open and the people follow in. I take my earbuds out and step up the stairs behind the line until it stops moving. I am one of the few people stuck outside while people purchase tickets in the foyer. 

In front of me is a group of students dressed nice in all black. One of the girls has an attractive pixie cut with chiseled cheekbones. The lone guy in the crowd is chubby and tall, with slicked back hair, probably gay. The two other girls are short and stubby, one of them has clear skin and the other not. The four of them talk like they know the people performing. I wonder if they know Moriah.

"Hello." A voice catches me by surprise. 

I turn around to look at the bottom of the steps.

"Hi Talia."

"Hey, Jim. Funny seeing you here."

"I know." He has yet to take the steps up the stairs. He is still at the bottom with one foot on the first step. "You don't mind if I sit by you? Are you with anyone."

I feel eyeballs from the black-clad group grazing my back and Jim.  I shake my head. Jim begins walking up the steps. There are about six between us.

"Ha. I'm alone, too," he says while approaching. My expression remains unchanged, but I don't know what it looks like. I wonder. Once he reaches the step I'm on, he stares straight ahead towards the auditorium. And takes turns between watching the happenings of the ticket sales inside and looking at the rest of campus. But he nervously doesn't keep his gazed fixed on me too long. 

"It's nice to see you again," he says while looking at me for just a moment before turning away to look at the river. An older couple walks up the steps and get in line behind us. Soon, Jim and I enter the auditorium foyer.

Jim and I go to the booths separately. Buy our tickets separately. I tell him I need to use the bathroom. I don't, but I hope that by the time I come back out he may be in the theater and I will be able to sit alone in the corner. 

I count while looking in the mirror. I figure I wait six minutes. Long enough that there's a chance that he might just go inside. But then he will be thinking I'm taking a dump here. For some reason, this makes me anxious. I walk immediately back out to the foyer. But Jim is not there anymore.

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