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May 02, 2019 13:45:23

Ice Princess -- v2 -- pt 2

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Besides working out in a fitness center, another activity that lets me get away from everything is walking. I appreciate walking so much that I decided not to buy a bus pass this semester. No matter how cold or wet, I walk everywhere I go. I guess I've grown used to it so much that I now walk distances other people would find long without flinching. 

When I don't have much work to do, especially on busy weekends where everybody else is concerned with some big event related to sports, I can walk for hours on end and sometimes do do just this. Without telling anyone of course. They'd think I'm crazy.

I don't consider this form of getting away as escapist. I know what that looks like because it's all around me. Escapism is when Moriah watches yet another TV show because she dreads what awaits after. Escapism is Moriah going to the caf for a second dinner, not because she's hungry, but because of her disgust with what she ought to be doing. 

When I get away from my work, I don't dread returning to it. It's not that I return inspired to conquer, it's more that I feel refreshed, strong enough to weather the storm of droll information consumption and organization.

Maybe it's because walking in its own way is droll as well, though the plainness of walking differs from that of schoolwork. I'd describe schoolwork as bearable, something I plug my nose to and withstand only long enough to accomplish what's necessary, whereas walking feels ordinarily plain in a way you don't grow sick of. Like plain bread or rice.

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