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May 05, 2019 14:02:17

Ice Princess -- v2 -- pt 4

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My ex thought I wore makeup to be attractive for guys, but this reflects not only innate sexism but also plain hubris. What made him think that he and the rest of his sex were so holy that I'd spend all this energy just so they could fantasize me in racy situations any more than they already did.

In high school I wore makeup to fit in with the girls. 

Now I wear it to make things easier, because if I don't wear makeup, then that fact simply makes up the entire conversation. Any girl I'm talking to can't get over the fact that I am not wearing any. And though I once found my ex and the other sex as superficial, it turned out that when push came to shove they didn't really care whether I wore make up or not. They still treated me the same. 

Upon realizing this I had a stint of not wearing any makeup for weeks. The initial tension from other girls satisfied me. I relished the fact that I was going against the grain. But then, one day I got a deeper insight into this tension in a way where it was no longer about me. I was given a glimpse into what the root to it was in others. Sometimes, one sentence is all it takes.

"That's easy for you to say Talia. You don't really get it. Do you?" Moriah's words stuck with me. 

I went back to wearing make up, minimally, to make things easier.

Easier not with the guys, but us girls.

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