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May 06, 2019 17:39:18

Ice Princess -- v2 -- pt 5

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Sometimes days pass without me speaking to anybody. Not that I stay inside my room binge watching TV and eating snacks like I see so many other girls in my hall doing. When I don't speak to anyone, it happens out in plain view, in the real world. 

Maybe it's not completely accurate to describe it as not speaking to anyone. Words are exchanged from my mouth to their ears and vice versa, yet there is no dialogue. The words are just symbols for a transaction, usually a single one out of many that they repetitively perform. It is the greeter at the caf who tells me to have a nice meal while swiping my student id card before letting me inside. The barista who thanks me after I order a drink. The person at the front desk of the fitness center who says hi while also scanning my id before letting me in. To me they may be someone unique, but to them I know I'm just another transaction.

I never noticed how transactional my life at college was until recently. Not only the literally obvious transactions but also the ones that were supposed to mean more. These days I'm less concerned with this realization and more concerned with the fact that I find all of this... okay.

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