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May 08, 2019 10:38:05

Ice Princess -- v3 -- pt 1

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To prevent me from somehow coming up with an excuse for not going through with it, I've officially signed up to live at Burkley Hall for my sophomore year. 

The decision of next year's housing, never in my focus, dwelled in the back of my head for weeks where it harassed me from a place I couldn't see, a place I'd forget during everyday life. And hidden there it grew until it was impossible to ignore. Yet, then it became clear that the decision hadn't been evading me at all. It was me who had been tucking it away.

The online housing form features a section that allows you to list someone you know as a roommate. I had left that blank as an incoming freshmen so that I could room blind. And this time, I left it blank as well. 

The roommate I was assigned this year was atypical. At first all I had was a name and email address they sent me over my email. It was an authentic Chinese name that I had to Google to learn to pronounce. A lot of my friends who had decided to not 'room blind' and instead live with someone they already know told me things along the lines of, "see, Talia! This is why you shouldn't room blind!"

I guess to them, living with a Chinese student was undesirable. Not to say that I can't understand. I do understand. The people I hung out with in high school had their own reasons for coming to a big university. Having a Chinese roommate didn't fit in with their imagination. But I was actually excited to be assigned a Chinese roommate.

I noticed that none of my friends asked how to pronounce the name. They just butchered it on purpose while scrunching their nose.

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