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May 11, 2019 14:19:38

Ice Princess -- v3 -- pt 3

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Suddenly, my room looked odd. The half I perceived more desirable, I had left vacated for Sunny. Now the only thing there besides the university issued furniture was Sunny's nondescript dufflebag that had been left on the floor. And now that I knew the room would be occupied by nobody else, I thought of moving my stuff over to the other side, the better side. But before my hands did anything I felt an urge to go on a walk. I walked for over three hours, and when I returned I was too tired to make the other bed and move. I barely brushed my teeth and passed out in the same bed I'd slept in the previous week. 

Til this day, I never did end up taking on the other side in the traditional bed-claiming way. Instead, the different parts of my daily life naturally spilled over throughout the semester. My tea station became where her desk is. I turned her bed into a couch. And I used the space below the bed as a secret compartment for my dirty laundry. I guess after one week of sleeping on my side of the room, I had grown attached to it. I find myself weird in that way.

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