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May 11, 2019 15:11:18

Ice Princess -- v3 -- pt 4

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My second weekend here I decided I'd get to know the girls on my floor. I'm aware that many people prefer one on one relationships to groups, but I think I'm more particular about this then the average. I hold an aversion to groups so none of my imaginations of college life, coming in, had involved the kinds of huge floor activities where over two dozen people did something together. But now that I knew I wouldn't have a roommate, it seemed like a decent first step.

It took place on Friday at 7. Winter had yet to descend so the sun was still out strong. We were walking not single, but triple-file, in a very long line. It wasn't like we were told to walk like this, but this is how naturally we formed as we made our way to the 'good' caf at Burkley. It was the girls of Wilburn Hall West 4th floor and the guys of Wilburn Hall East 2nd. The two RAs led the line in the front while talking to each other and whoever was at the front of the line. The RAs seemed to know each other well in real life. The guy probably had a crush on the girl RA.

Someone said it aloud. "Wow this campus is really beautiful." And that was the first time when I thought of it that way. It really was beautiful.

While walking in that line, I was reminded of being back in middle school, going on field trips. 

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