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May 12, 2019 12:06:51

Ice Princess -- v3 -- pt 6

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When we exchanged numbers I expected nothing from it. Even the first time when she texted me to go to the caf, I didn't assume that it would be ongoing. But the invitations continued, nearly daily. Sometimes even twice in a day. I didn't have a roommate so I appreciated the company. 

One evening after a very late dinner she asked if I'd come to a party the upcoming weekend. It was a bit far off campus, but she could get us a ride she said. When Saturday night came, the person Moriah was depending on for a ride had gotten too drunk.

"We'll have to walk. Is that okay?" She seemed genuinely sorry. And at the same time ashamed for some reason. 

The walk took about 35 minutes. But it didn't feel painful or drag on. Neither of us were wearing heels or dressed in constrictive clothes. We felt bouncy and alive, and our conversation flowed even better than when we were sitting at the caf. In a way it didn't feel like I was going to a party at all. It instead felt like I was having a good time. By the end of our trip, I sort of wished that we wouldn't arrive at the party at all.

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