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Sep 12, 2019 14:25:17

Ice Princess - v5 - pt 1

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The heart rate monitors attached to the elipticals were probably inaccurate, but I liked them anyways. The machine presents many numbers, but this number although inaccurate felt the most personal compared to numbers like the amount of miles travelled or time spent. It was the number closest to me. I don't know... something about how quickly my heart was racing.

I would try to get the number as high as I could. High 100s. Sometimes I wondered if I could get it over 200. I never had before, but it was just a thought. These are the type of things that I think on the eliptical. On the wall in front of the row of cardio machines, there are flat screen TVs. One is playing an ad about life insurance. One is playing a Lil Wayne music video. Another shows highlight reels from college football. 

I do three sets of dumbbell bench press and two sets of dips. Then I go to the locker room and wipe myself down before putting on a new shirt. I never shower in the locker room. The idea disgusts me. On my phone a text from Moriah asks if I'm coming home soon for dinner. It was sent about 20 minutes ago. I tell her I'm heading over now and ask if she's still at the caf.

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