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Apr 25, 2019 22:53:20

If I miss the deadline, it means I do more than expected

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There is a problem: when I am busy, I'll get work done; but if I am in leisure, I'll make a creative difference, missing the deadline while exceeding expectations. Both are good results that would benefit for later jobs: getting work done on schedule lets all things could run by routine, missing the deadline means a great breakthrough. However, how to balance them?

Actually, it's two kinds of attitude towards life. 

The former is being normal in the safe zone: let others be the boss, accomplish all the assigned routines, hard-working in a limited way, remain all rest of time to self-entertain irrelated to work.  It's the way that guarantees progress and let everything go on.

The latter is being out of the comfort zone: follow the heart, ignore the traditional routines, busy while inspiring, lazy while unmotivated, spend most of the time challenging in the work. It's the way that makes others annoying when no outputs before the deadline and get stressed all the time.

Unluckily, most of the time, I belong to the latter type. It's exhausting and endless. I want the two be in the "80-20 rule" for balance: the former takes 80% of the time, the latter costs the rest 20 %.

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