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Aug 07, 2019 21:48:17

If you could memory every face you have ever seen

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In the film Before Midnight, Jesse planned to write about one day of a group of different people with brain abnormalities for their unique perception.

One of the characters is a middle-aged housewife with a categorical exacting memory of every face she has ever seen. She lives in a big city but to her, it is a small town. A taxi driver past and she thinks, "Oh, that's the driver who dropped me off at Place des Voges three Christmases ago." Some old lady walking on the street, she thinks, "Oh! She sat two seats down from me on the metro last year." So everyone she meets to her feels intimate and connected.

After you're born to the earth, during your time, the people you met, the things you experienced, the places you visited, the books you read, the words you wrote and said, the food you ate, ... all time-space-related things become connected because of you, that's amazing.

As a normal person, we are adding new memory each second, but if our memory won't fade, we have strong connections with our history.

Life is still an adventure, but become much more friendly. That's great perception of time.

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