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Jan 06, 2019 20:51:39

Impossible choices

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Janne Koponen

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How can it be so that some decisions seem to be impossible to make? And those choices usually are the ones that in the end don't matter that much anyway. I find myself spending way too much time pondering between the options when it really doesn't matter that much whatever I choose.

Maybe it's just the fact that those decisions don't matter. So I don't really have to make the hard choice between them and carry on the responsibility of making that choice. There is no real commitment to it. That leads tot he situation where it is easy to postpone the choice and play around with different options.

But when its a matter of real choices or doesn't usually take that long. I can make the decision in an instant if needed. Of course, it's a good thing being able to make such decisions fast when needed. But sometimes I feel like maybe I should really consider those choices more thoroughly than I do with the less important ones.

Or maybe I just need to start pretending that those small choices are as important. that no matter what I need to make those decisions fast as well. At least the fact that they are wasting my time makes the making of a decision important just to save time.

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