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Nov 06, 2019 14:51:59

Improving my skills

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To become a good designer and to contribute designs for our product is something I really love to do. As part of that, I decided to learn more in-depth on design and it's core principles. So from now on I'm planning to share all the insights I learned from Refactoring UI - A awesome UI reference and guide for beginners. Written by: Adam Wathan & Steve Schoger.

My previous article: Beating the averages

Last day I was reading an article written by Godfather of Startup Paul Graham. He's always an inspiration for me and most of the startup founders. The article was about how to crush your enemies. While reading this article, it resonates with our startup story and mistakes we made.

As a small startup, We always try to research our competitors and other better products in the market. It's always hard to get users and make them love your product more than competitor does. For us, most of our competitors where using really good tech stacks compared to us. Because of that we planned to improve our tech stack and added to our product roadmap.

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