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Apr 05, 2019 18:34:02

In an Introspective Mood

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Basile Samel

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Book released, website migration almost over, the comfort of the family house... it's the right time to pause for a few days before attempting to reach new heights of growth.

I spent the whole day spring cleaning my bedroom - aka my temporary work office. It is now high-time to update my personal growth framework with the success of 200WaD at the center. I do not work in plans, only habits I integrate into daily life. Plans are meant to change frequently when you are a young indie business because flexibility and iterative learning are primordial, so why should I spend too much time writing one in the first place? Once I'm done with the introspective work, it will be time to hack my way through a product/market fit.

I have approximately 12 months of runway left from my savings, so my first short-term objective will be to reach ramen profitability ($1000/month) to put the financial aspect of entrepreneurship out of the equation.

The overall never-ending goal is still mastery, with 200 Words a Day posing as a possible masterpiece. I need to tweak my daily routine to keep constant my iteration speed while still leaving time to acquire more knowledge and to keep my health in check.

My introspection work goes through three phases. This post was describing the first one: Definition. Tomorrow I will define the habits I'm linking to my goals and present the resulting Personal Growth Framework. Later I will talk about how I want to reach my goals by going more minimalist in some areas of my life (Elimination phase) and by automating other important yet repetitive aspects.

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    @basilesamel interesting :)

    PhilH avatar PhilH | Apr 05, 2019 19:44:27
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