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Jul 05, 2019 18:41:57

In major news

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Janne Koponen

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Our little game has been featured in almost all major national news media. It's nice to have such recognition for our efforts. Previously not many games have been there. Mostly they have been small mentions in some local newspapers at best.

We have also gotten some other attention of the general public. On our open doors day between the first and second run we got almost 500 visitors who wanted to see what have we done.

There is also a lot of discussion going on in global larp groups in Facebook. Our international players have written some nice posts about their first impressions of our setting. And those who couldn't make it are obviously green with envy.

It's all nice, but really set the bar high for any games coming after this one. I'm sure this will be hard to top anytime soon. But it also hopefully shows an example of what's possible and in the future we will see more such high budget larps by other organizers as well.

The best comment so far that I have read was "I have seen movies with worse special effects".

You can find one of those tv spots here: https://www.mtv.fi/sarja/uutisjutut-kotimaa-33001022/roolipeleissa-kiinnostavat-tarinat-1114421 (sorry, it's in Finnish, but at least you can see some live footage around the ship).

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