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Mar 21, 2019 19:28:05

in the subway

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In the subway

Let's keep the posts from public transportation. I am going home from the trade show by the subway. It's again much faster than by car.

Today was ok, I just needed to wake up a little bit earlier but at the trade show all good.

The first day not so many people coming to our stand. Still, I could make some sales.

The day goes fast and being out of the office is a good change. It's interesting to see our competitors as well. Its kinda show off I wouldn't guess the trade show would drive some extra sales. You can see just what is going on in the business.

It's not the hardest work, just talking with the people and hanging around. I have been already once to a similiar event so no surprise for me. Sometimes it's a little bit boring but at least you can watch beautiful hostesses, such a hard life haha. 

Ok, the mine stop is coming. Need to just buy some food and refill my strength for tomorrow. Or should I visit my friend's party? Not sure if it is a good idea, haha.

Take care and see you.


Stay with me. Efran.

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