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Jan 29, 2019 13:36:34

Inflection Points

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Corey Rabazinski

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Often times with startups there is this moment when everything comes together at just the right time to spark a new evolution of the company's trajectory. These moments are hard to see from the outside and don't always present themselves as obvious even to those inside the company at the time. 

I've had this experience once in my career thus far and felt like the collective consciousness of the company came out of the fog and could more clearly see the path ahead. Prior to this, everyone knew the 'what' not the 'why'.

These moments represent months or years of consistent pushing up a hill that culminate in step function of growth that has longevity. The tectonic plates underpinning the company shift in just the right way so all of the moving parts fit together oh-so-nicely. 

Some of the most valuable technology companies have well-documented inflection points and they usually take a few forms:

  • Major partnerships that present value in a new way to a new audience
  • New hires that fill talent gaps in areas fundamental to the company's success
  • A "moment" that defines what the product is and helps it cross the chasm to mainstream
  • A new product release that ties the unlying technology together in a customer-facing way.

I personally would love to hear more stories from the startup community about the moment when everything just 'clicked'. I think it could teach a lot of entrepreneurs and startup employees that things are typically hardest right before the inflection point and all educate on keys to try to unlock this type of growth. Things like:

What did it feel like before and after?

When did you know it was working?

What numbers changed if any?

I don't think that everything magically gets easier after these moments, but it does seem like that payoff becomes much more valuable.

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