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May 05, 2019 19:20:17

Inner Child

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Every Saturday, we have a get-together at my sisters'.
We would have lunch and stay until 4 or 5 pm. 

My sister has a daughter and son. Ever since they were born a few years ago, we have met almost every Saturday. 

This last week, we met on Friday instead - while the kids were in school. We decided for some reason that we would meet on Sunday instead of Saturday.

But early Saturday morning, my niece wakes up explaining to her mother that she is excited. Today the rest of the family is coming over. My sister decided to record this conversation. So at 1 pm, we all got a video recording of her daughter announcing that her uncle, aunty, grandpa and grandma are coming over to the house. 

Why? Asks my sister

Because it is Saturday.
She informs her mom like nothing else needed to be said. 

She looked at the camera with 100% certainty that since it was Saturday, we were all going to be there. Watching that - we all went into panic mode.
We couldn't just break that habit streak.

So you see, for kids, it is breaking the streak that is hard to do.

Let's keep our inner child happy. 

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    @keni Keeping the inner child happy...such a pleasant thought. I like it!

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 05, 2019 20:27:20
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