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Mar 28, 2019 15:31:19

Insulating your Existence

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One the great innovations came not from Silicon Valley or NY, but instead ancient caves. Because before some clever cavepeople began donning animal skins, whenever it was cold, a person simply had to be cold. With thermostat equipped buildings everywhere, we take this for granted. 

Since then, the array of materials has expanded, but on a winter's night, they achieve that same goal of slowing down the unstoppable and inevitable leeching of body heat to keep at bay the pain known as cold.

It can be well below freezing yet within a well-made winter coat you could walk around for hours without shivering once. This is because the coat is containing your body's heat, preventing it from abruptly fading into the rest of the world. Instead, the heat from your body sticks around longer in the pockets of air that form between the coat and your skin. And so your torso doesn't feel the cold winter air, but rather the warmth trapped between you and your coat. 

Maybe trapped is the wrong word. Because that warmth won't remain forever. It too will fade into the world. But because the rate at which this happens is at such an optimal rate, you won't notice.

Life, most accurately viewed, is a cold night* : your time remaining leeches into the ether constantly until one day you are dead. Your existence can either be joyous or miserable. Warm or cold. Your time spent day to day is either sucked out from you, leaving you feeling robbed and lacking freedom, or that same time is contained and elegantly released into the universe rather than stolen from your grasp.

Do you have your well-made coat?


* Some lucky few people are 100% happy and fulfilled as things are without effort. They require no insulation of their existence. Their existence is akin to living in a perfect tropical climate. Most of us aren't in that latitude. Most of us have cold, if not all the time, then some of the time. And more than just having cold, we have seasons. Seasons require flexibility. So having a coat all the time is not always the answer. The example above was not life at a moment, but life viewed in the longspan… life viewed from the outside, which can then be seen simply as a marching towards death, a chipping away at life. The point then is not to figure out how to get more life or stop the natural process, but how to contain and use the life that already exists within. Just as how a well-made coat doesn't create heat, it simply contains it for you.

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