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Feb 25, 2019 02:16:34

Internet in healthcare

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Victoria Maung

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Yesterday, I attended a conference on healthcare innovations, and I wanted to mention three more speakers.

Dr. Nickesia Gordon talked about the importance of leveraging social media strategically. Lots of people tend to treat social media as a panacea without careful strategic consideration of how to utilize it for different purposes. Looking at communication networks between governmental and health institutions' social media accounts, she finds that information exchange is largely unidirectional, or linear. In the end, virtual interaction can never substitute face-to-face interaction, but still social media is a powerful tool if utilized properly.

Dr. Anthony Vodacek used public satellite data from NOAA's Defense Meteorological Satellite and Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) to make associations between electrification and increased malaria incidence in Rwanda. Granted, he admits, correlation is not causation in his preliminary data findings, but the association merits additional investigation.

Finally, Asma Alnemari works to protect our data. She is developing a combination of access control and differential privacy layers as a more efficient and private means of data transfer. Her algorithms honestly are beyond my comprehension, but I believe she's on the forefront of an increasingly important topic, that is, data privacy. Healthcare informatics is definitely a new field for me to traverse.

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