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Oct 02, 2019 18:28:17

Introducing Sip Reads

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Basile Samel

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I've been working on something new with fellow maker Ali Salah for the past two months. It's called Sipreads, and it's a website where we publish our key takeaways from non-fiction books we read. We are officially launching soon but you can already subscribe to our mailing list.

It's the first time I'm co-making an indie product. I've just been contributing to the content so far. It was Ali's idea, and he also implemented the website and set up the social accounts (Twitter + Instagram). Our business model is entirely focused on Amazon affiliate marketing: if people are interested in reading the full book we read, they can follow a link and buy it, we receive a commission for every book being sold through our website.

I immediately agreed to the opportunity because 1) I like Ali's work and 2) proactive reading is mandatory to become a better writer, so I might as well share what I learn. We just agreed to split the revenues 50/50, and we just contribute as much as we can without pressuring ourselves. The only rule is that we have to complete at least one book per month and upload the notes to the Github repository. The notes are formatted in Markdown and parsed by Gatsby, a static file generator. It takes $0 to host on Netlify. Ali just bought a domain name and we were good to go.

Don't hesitate to send me feedback :)

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    @basilesamel congrats on the launch! Love the simplicity of the site - just black and white, all text. Refreshing in its own way. And thanks for the idea of Amazon affiliate links - I might just steal that idea for my own blog and ecomm store! 😆👍

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Oct 03, 2019 20:57:13
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      @jasonleow you're welcome :)

      Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Oct 03, 2019 15:45:05
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    @basilesamel Congrats on the launch! How does this product compare or differentiate with Blinkist? On an unrelated note, that time when you have to log back into 200WAD and you know Baz has been under the hood. 🤣

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Oct 02, 2019 09:52:23
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      @basilesamel @brandonwilson - I'm here for the unrelated note. 😇

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Oct 02, 2019 11:11:50
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      @brandonwilson We are not here to compete obviously :P It's free and we do it because we like to read. We hope that the more we share our notes, the better we improve the format. For example, we are thinking of using checklists and mind-maps to make the written notes more actionable.

      What changes did you notice? :P It might just be the session cookie expiring.

      Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Oct 02, 2019 20:18:17
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