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May 23, 2019 09:06:48

investing in your skills

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A little story about why it's important to transform your skills, not just grind marginal improvements



I've been riding motorcycles for a few months now. Great fun. Superb hobby. Wonderful way to get around the city. Filtering through traffic with a little brap brap of the throttle feels like Moses splitting the seas.



There's a bit of freeway on my way home from work. A loooong left-hand sweeper followed by a sharp-ish right turn. Leading into 3rd street.

Usually free of traffic by 8pm. Great for fast cornering practice.



For months I was stuck at 80mph for the left turn, 70mph max for the right turn. Anything faster started feeling a little dicey.

Cars slow down to 60 or even 50mph for these two. Cars are silly.


This week I tried taking one butt cheek off the saddle. Nothing crazy like Rossi, just a tiiiiiny little buttcheek scoot over the edge of the seat. Just a little.



With that tiny buttcheek adjustment the left-hand sweeper isn't even tight enough for 90mph. The right-hander that used to feel dicey at 70mph a cake walk at 80mph.

No amount of body lean could've got me there. All about buttcheek off seat.


Same is true for programming, writing, businessing, and pretty much everything you do. If you're grinding and there's little progress, might be time to try a different approach.

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