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Feb 09, 2019 21:06:29

iPad Parenting

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My 6-yo son is a digital native. He has an old but working iPad with a proper child-proof case. He uses it mainly for watching YouTube Kids and Netflix Kids. He browses for some kids crafts and ideas on Pinterest in my wife's phone. He occasionally plays, Angry Birds or Candy Crush in my mom's device. He always checks my, and my wife's fitness rings in the Apple Watch. Because of him, me and my wife, compete in closing all the rings.

General advice we get is to reduce the screen time for kids. But I don't follow it. Simply because I think we don't have enough data to prove the ill-effects for the gadgets on kids. We really don't restrict on time spent on devices. But we are extremely careful about the kind of content he watches.

We have a few videos/channels that are blacklisted. Some of the Indian cartoon series for kids are blacklisted. Indian cartoons, like Chotta Bheem, are very insensitive to many issues. They do fat-shaming, gender stereotyping, minor violence and so much crap, in kids' cartoon, as it is very natural for us Indians. 

We have also blacklisted Ryan's Toys Review. I root for the kid Ryan as he has made huge money out of the YouTube platform. But for me, my kid watching his videos has a high probability of a dent in my wallet. 

Other than that he can watch anything, anytime for however long he wants. I love the impact of YouTube videos and Netflix kids on my son. He can enjoy stories, articulate his feelings, empathise with many subtle situations easily. I am grateful to the makes of fantastic shows like Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly, Masha and the Bear, Alphablocks, Porroro, Pocoyo and so many others. Because of them, my son's language has improved a lot.

Surprisingly, my son's screen time is really minimal. His watches videos only when he has food, which is approximately 60 to 75 minutes a day. In the weekend it might be for around 90 to 120 minutes, as we both play Nintendo Switch together. Super Mario Odyssey is our current favourite. It is super fun.

I find it quite relaxing not to have this rule of screen time strictly imposed on the next generation. Our kids definitely cannot avoid technology or gadgets. As a parent, we can teach them how to be a boss of the tech or gadgets, instead of being bossed by them.

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    @santhoshguru hey kind of agreed, I let my kids watch both Netflix kid and Youtube kids as well, but limit to weekend only since he going to preschool now day.

    Knight avatar Knight | Feb 10, 2019 11:46:05
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      @knight Some of the content in Netflix and YT Kids are simply awesome. I really like the Magic School Bus series. Every episode is like reading one thoroughly researched, well written, fun-filled book.

      Santhosh Guru avatar Santhosh Guru | Feb 10, 2019 20:32:02
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