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Dec 19, 2018 22:52:57

Irony Isn't The Answer

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Keenen Charles

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“We live in a weirdly postmodern time, and I don’t have that many solutions, but what I know doesn't have solutions is irony. After a while, you start to hide behind it, because it’s easier than being truly human, which is being a bit naive, a bit soppy.” - Matty Healy

When I first read that quote I had an existential moment. Every word resonated with me deeply and I could see my own past actions. For years I've been ironic about social media and a lot of things in life. Not wanting to be too sincere because of some underlying fear of being seen. I've made sarcastic jokes and clever comments about people who were being sincere.

"Why are they sharing so much? No one really cares."

I think those words revealed a truth I hadn't thought about. My ironic thoughts weren't me being more aware than everyone else but a manifestation of my own fears of being too human. To be human is to be soppy and sentimental. It's to be excited about something others won't understand or just sharing your feelings openly. My own fears of sharing made me judge others. I've come back to that quote every so often to remind me that irony isn't the answer.

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