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May 09, 2019 18:43:40

Is storytelling hard? I say yes

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Julia Saxena

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Yesterday, I wrote about the power of stories. @brandonwilson mentioned that he would have loved to read this post as a story. And he is absolutely right! Shouldn't a post about stories ideally be a story?

Even though I know how important stories are, I find it very hard to use them in my writing. It doesn't come naturally to me. 

What I find easy is a more academic style of writing - researching, finding structure, and putting together different sources to draw a new conclusion on a topic. My professors in college loved my reports. One even suggested I should start a Ph.D. program because this is clearly something I'm good at. 

On the other hand, I've met natural storytellers many times in my life. A friend of mine is awesome at it. He can entertain a group of people easily for hours with stories about drunken adventures from college days. Hilarious! 

So, why do I find it difficult to tell stories? 

Maybe because I'm always unsure how to make a story interesting. Things that are happening to me seem normal and not very special. I'm wondering why anybody would be interested in hearing about that. 

Also, I have a tendency of not sharing much and keeping things inside. Not sure where this comes from. 

These are definitely things I need to work on to step up my storytelling game. The first step is always being aware of the problem. Now I can work towards a solution. 


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