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Feb 21, 2019 23:26:10

It's a hassle

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Okay okay okay. Today was a pretty normal day. Just work and after watching my favorite soccer team in a Europen league. 

I like these days without much stress ... you already know me.

But somehow cannot put the writing habit a little earlier and last days it's always the last minute without much meaning post. I try to think about some writing topics during the day I could write about, unfortunately, it keeps remaining a hassle. 

This post also beating my record with the latest one. Hope I am not gonna beat it any soon. Writing god please come back to me. 200 words feel like 1000 words. Omg, it should be the other way around. The writing should be easier, what I am doing wrong? Yeah, it is getting to be stressful. Come on Efran. Be a better tomorrow. Or I will punch you and you will get the other black eye (btw it's super big and everyone was making fun of me at work).

Let's finish it with a poem and fill the missing words.  Uff, I am done. Goodnight.

I am lame, not just today
tomorrow is a new start
I will try, to be a smart


Stay with me and will be free. Efran.

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