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Feb 10, 2019 20:28:49

It's all about the pixels

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Janne Koponen

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Until now I still believed my trusty old Canon would trump modern phone cameras. But after comparing the results from a photoshoot where I decided to give both cameras a try it was apparent the inevitable wheel of technological advancement has finally passed the quality of reasonably priced cameras in the form of not so long a go what could have been considered poor replacement to real camera.

And my phone is still not the latest and greatest. Sure my camera isn't either. I'm sure a proper DSLR still beats any pentalens frankencams coming out this year. But even though my phone's camera only has one lens and only a few megapixels more than my Canon it's still impressive how much it can do on software to make up the difference in pure optics.

I don't know if today's cameras have similar software to enhance the quality, but at least there is always photo editors to tune the end result. But whatever the case it is more about the software than any of the qualities of the camera itself, sensor or optics. So much can be compensated, or even made up to make the pictures taken with shaky hands in the dark to be as crisp as those taken on the daylight with camera safely fixed on a stand.

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