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Jan 08, 2019 00:30:47

It's Broken

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Luis Barragan

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Well, I had a streak going but weekends for me are hard to set time aside to write. I don't think I will be able to commit every day to write. Eventually, something will come up and I'll completely forget about this and bam streak over. 

Why work towards a goal this is destined to fail? What do I gain by committing to the streak? What do I lose by breaking the streak? Nothing. That's the reality. You are here to merely to write until the publish button shows up. 

You can write 200 words every day for a year but how much did you actually say. Is there any meaning to what was said? Are you putting out something into the world that you are proud of or are you just saying words to have a voice?

Well, now that I have reached the end and I can see the Publish button on the horizon I think that it's time we say goodbye and see you tomorrow. 

Because that's the point right to be here again tomorrow and do it all over again. Because we are all here every day until we aren't. 

Buh-bye ✌️ 😉 

(this is just a random rant, some light humor. 😂) 

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    @luisbarragan As @abrahamKim says, don't focus on the streak, that's not the point :P The streak is a tool for you to get into the habit, it should not become your main motivation haha

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Jan 08, 2019 02:55:55
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      @basilesamel this was just a rant with a click-bait style title. ? I did have some suggestions for you but will send them over in Slack.

      Luis Barragan avatar Luis Barragan | Jan 08, 2019 05:26:48
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    Yo did you not have a good weekend or something? there's no big deal to breaking the streak... unless you are in it for the short haul. Then yes, breaking a streak is horrible. But if you are in it for the long run, the streak isn't nearly as important. In the long run it's better to write 5 times a week for 52 weeks for 5 years, rather than write 100 days straight with a hot streak and then never write again.

    Abe avatar Abe | Jan 08, 2019 02:34:18
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      @abrahamKim weekend was not too bad, I'm in SoCal so we had some rain. This was just me ranting. I was just poking fun at the streak. Some light humor.

      Luis Barragan avatar Luis Barragan | Jan 08, 2019 05:28:22
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