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Aug 04, 2019 22:04:34

It's the problem of my feet

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There is no "perfect body".

Though girls still like conversations about body shape, everyone is sensitive to point out others' disadvantages because no one wants to be mean. 

So, if I asked, "Am I bow-legged? I think my legs are kind of strange." 

The answers from my classmates are  "No, you're great".  "You're too thin to worry about your legs."

Only my sister is honest, "You're thin, but there must be something wrong in your legs' shape. You have to be aware of that."

After I looked for professional consultation, I got to know it's the problem of my feet.

I have serious flat feet. It's known since I was little, but no one told me its relationship with my shape.

Much worse is that I'm slim, no one could understand my suffering of uncomfortable walking, no suitable shoes, and badly shaped legs.

"You're not complaining, you're showing off." or "You should be confident, don't focus on your weakness." They said so.

Now I begin to realize that no one is the expertise about the body issue, they have to be nice.

Since my problem is not unconfidence or too mean about myself, I started to treat it professionally.

Of course, my pain is obviously improved.

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