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May 06, 2019 07:30:32

It was supposed to get easier

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Janne Koponen

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Even after years of writing daily, there are days when I struggle with the writing. You would imagine after so much experience it would be easy to just write anything anytime.

While it is true that in some areas it has become a lot easier to write. For example I feel a more competent writer technically. It is also easier to just write. I can get into the flow and write. I don't suffer from the empty page syndrome anymore.

But what has made it harder is the fact that I have written about so many topics that every new topic I come up feels like I have already written about it. The self-criticism is also often there. I feel like my every text should be on par with the overall level I have been writing recently. Or even better as I should be constantly improving.

Sure there are also those days when the inspiration just doesn't come. I'm too tired to write. That probably happens to everyone. Then you just need to grit it through. But for the other problems, I just need to relax a bit. It's ok to write about the same topic. I've surely gained some new insight on it since last time. And some topics are important enough to be repeated. I also don't have to write perfect text every time.

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