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Feb 01, 2019 22:54:06

January reflections

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Victoria Maung

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The Muse email newsletter with the subject line, Flourish in February, prompted the following questions. 

1. What am I most proud of from January?

I am most proud of my learning progress.  I've learned that I can write on a consistent basis and even started a blog at https://www.pantophagy.design/. I've learned that I can practice and retain information if I ask the right questions. I've learned to negotiate my time with the sloth in me. 

2. What was my biggest disappointment in January?

I've yet to commit to engaging with my local community. Due to work priorities, I haven't made time for myself to find a nonprofit or advocacy group to work with. I've consoled myself by saying my campus job works indirectly towards the wellness of students and staff, but that's not real groundwork. 

3. How can I avoid a similar disappointment in February?

January has been dreary (topped off with the polar vortex), and I think this coming month will carry a better mood. February is African-American history month, American Heart month, and Deaf history month. It's also the month before my brother wedding and of one of my best friends' birthday. To avoid similar disappointment, I'm going to pay extra attention to campus volunteer events, of which there are plenty. 

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